How To Use Starcoding ?

1. Register or Login at https://app.starcoding.co/login

2. Purchase the tokens on the website in the "Buy Tokens" section. 1 Token costs € 5. The price of each coding can be seen in the "Coding" section by choosing your car model.

3. Add the Vin of the car to be Coded on the "Cars" section of the site.

4. Download the program on your windows 8/10/11 PC from the "Downloads" section of the site.

5. Download and install "Starcoding-Setup"

6. Open the Starcoding application on the desktop, select the vehicle that has been added precedence on the site and choose your Obd. (If you are using the Openport OBD, also download and install the related "Openport Drivers")

7. Connect your OBd to the car (The diagnostic socket is located above the driving pedals) and to the USB of the PC. To test proper communication between the Car and the PC, carry out the Connection Test on the App.

8. Turn on the car in key / button 2 position (All the warning lights in the ignition on but the engine off).

9. Select the Coding, Read the notes and if compatible with your model, choose the variant and press Ok to carry out the Code.

10. The Coding process takes a maximum of 20 Second.

Change Log

*Last Server Update: Released on: 2024 - 05 - 22


- StarCoding is now bundled in an easy installer
- Coding generation speed has been increased by 300%

- Distronic PRO Sa239 Automatic Coding For 177 247 118 167
- Enable AMG Boot Logo Glc Mopf & W213 Mopf
- Apple CarPlay / Android AUDIO20 UNIT SA522 FreshUP1 (Model Years 2016 - 2017) (W176-W117-W156-W246)
- GLC 253 - Enable IHC With Camera 22P (MY2017-18)
- C W205 - Enable With 22P (MY 2015-2016)

-2. W205/W253 Carplay/Android Activation Without Flashing
- Zenzefi Certificate Extraction
- Retry Coding free within 10 minutes after the first failure.
- 71. FullScreen Navigation Maps For IC177 With Sa548
- Amg Menu For W205 - W253 Pre Facelift
- Amg Menu with G force For W205 - W253 Pre Facelift My 2017+

- Renew And Learn Km IC213 (W213, W257, W222 Mopf, G463, W205 Mopf, W253 Mopf)
Retrofit And Code And Calibration Camera ID Unit 6900
- Enable/Disable Brake Intervetion Lane Assit For G463 2022+ Model
- Enable Perimetic Alarm For G463 2022+ Model

MARCH24 update:
-47. Personalize Horn at lock/unlock For w205
-141. High Beam Assist Plus For w205 MY2017-2018
-36. Tank Open Warning For w205
-53. Blue Welcome Light Time Extender For w205 MY2017-2018
-98. Carplay\Android Comand Unit CY19 For w176
-47. Personalize Horn at lock/unlock For GLE167
-24. Coming Home HeadLight (Low Beam) For GLE167
-31.1. Stop Remote Software Update OTA For GLC253 Mopf
-29. Door Sills Up Light To Max (At Night) For GLE167
-45. Modded 9 Number Lane Change Flashes For GLE167
-22. Change Startup Drive Mode "Battery Level" For GLC253 Mopf
Bug Fix:
The CarPlay & Android Activation will ask to start the engine for proceed.

APRIL24 update:
- Amg Design 330 Km/h (Model 205Mopf - 253Mopf) V3
- 213 Mopf dynamic seat heat
- 213 Mopf enable augmented reality permanent
- 213 Mopf enable adblue permanent
- 213 Mopf enable tank warning

MAY24 Update:
-80. Unlimited Air Recirculation For W176-246-156-117
- FIxed Coding Parking Frequency for Model Pre Rest 176
-12. Dynamic Select Last Mode For GLE 167
-28. Door Sills Retrofit For 176-156-117-246
-70. Door Warning Light For 176-156-117-246


If you encounter any kind of difficulty or need support, you can contact us via:

WhatsApp at: +393406868093

Email at: mercedescoding00@gmail.com

Validity and Use Tokens

Tokens are valid for one Coding service only.
This means that if an Coding costing 1 Token is activated and, subsequently, the same is Deactivated, 2 Total Tokens are charged.

Subscription Rules

Sharing your account with multiple people is strictly prohibited, shared subscriptions are prohibited. If these rules are not respected, the account will be banned.

What is the price of the 1 tokens?

The price for the purchase of 1 Token is 5€.

Token Refund

In the event of a coding error, the refund (In Token) will be made automatically in a maximum of 2 hours on the account that carried out the procedure.

Mercedes Me "Limited Services"

The message "Mercedes Me Connect Limited Services" will be shown
after the code. The following message will remain for approximately 10 minutes after performing coding.
It will then be automatically deleted from the car.